Lietuvos švietimo muziejus
About project „Museum on Wheels”
18 lapkričio, 2021

The Travelling Museum Bus project is aimed to bring history of education to distant rural areas of Lithuania, focusing on young people. During the project, a bus equipped with a travelling exhibition and educational program will travel across towns and villages in Lithuania. The project will design mobile exhibition to reach the small settlements and remote areas of Lithuania that are notoriously deprived of cultural activities and museums in particular.

The exhibition will provide the local young people an inclusive narrative of education history, that would highlight multinational heritage of Lithuania viewed from the perspectives of different social and ethnic groups, cultures and genders. The innovative educational activities, created in partnership with Newschool (Norway) are designed to enrich the knowledge of Lithuanian history, educational history of Lithuania.

These activities also guide visitors to make connections with local microhistory, and their own educational experience; to value and preserve their local educational heritage. Collaborating with a leading software company Indeform Ltd will allow to make the technology based part of the exhibition visually appealing and pleasant to use.

A team of trained educators (guides) offer young people participatory learning activities, enabling the visitors to not only gain in-depth knowledge in history of Lithuania and history of education in this country, but also to see their own educational experience as a part of historical process. The activities planned within the project would also connect the elder and younger generations by collecting, reevaluating and sharing their experience and knowledge. The project is built for young people, however, it benefits other parts of population as well, such as teachers and parents, and engage local stakeholders (educational institutions, non-formal education, CSO, local history museums, self-governance).

Project goals:

To create a mobile, attractive and high-quality exposition about the history of Lithuanian education – the Traveling Museum Bus;

Trained 14 educational guides;

Visit 200 remote residential areas of Lithuania;

Reach 5,600 participants in program-funded events.

The project is funded from 2014-2021 European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.